Becca Trim has partnered up with some of the leading manufacturers in China. The metal factory we partnered with has been in business for many years. They specialize in manufacturing jean tacks, jean snap buttons, rivets, shanks, buckles as well as all other metal trim items. They have an in-house product designer to accommodate all of your logo and design needs. They are equipped with the most advance machinery and technology and have their own tumbling and rack plating factory for high efficiency production. 

Our polyester factory is about 5 years old. Although they are newer they are just as capable. They manufacture European quality trim items, out of Asia. There capabilities are endless. They also have a great product design team who is constantly sending out new and innovative trims. There is more information on the polyester factory further on.

We have a very strong NY office and HK office. Our NY office consists of 4 sales people and 2 customer support staff. Our HK has a staff of 12 multi-language customer representatives as well. This enables us to communicate constantly with the customer around the clock, enabling them to rest easy that their orders are being taken care of.

Our Polyester Factory Building

Factory net area: We currently have 28 acres located near Lanzi City, Zhejiang Province, China.

Production area: The total production net area is 9,400sq/m.

Turning machines: There are 80 machines to date.

Laser machines:

There were originally 6 laser machines installed.

We have increased to 30 machines up and running within a 2 year period.

We also have 6 edge laser machines at another site in Guangdong for making side logos on buttons.

Material making machines:

We currently have 2 rod making machines,

8 sheet making machines and 2 production lines for making like shell blanks.

Daily capacity: We produce 3 million shirt buttons and 1.5 million in fashion buttons (novelty) daily.

Products: Polyester Buttons, Real Corozo Buttons, Real Horn Buttons, Real Coconut Buttons,

Real Wood Buttons & Real Cow Bone Buttons.

Quality of Standard: We comply with CPSIA & Reach Standards.

Workers in production: 80 workers total including all department heads.

Management: There are 7 members including factory manager and production managers.

Future plans include the following…

1. To launch an R&D department for creating our own collection of specialty buttons to our designs.

2. To create a department for manufacturing handicraft products such as combination, enamel, epoxy buttons.

3. Speeding up the sampling time to 5 to 7 days upon receipt of counter samples from the customer.

4. To strengthen the QC team by increasing manpower & checking every button before dispatching the shipments.

Best Regards,


Stewart Banilover (C.E.O)